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What are Concrete Sealers?  

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You may be wondering why does your stamped concrete surface look different now than it did before when it was newly done. It’s less shiny, the color is no longer vibrant and you are feeling more of a concrete texture than a blushed smooth surface of stamped concrete. Due to wear and tear, stamped concrete surfaces’ sealer faded, this could be because of direct sunlight, application of the previous sealer is not that good and water damage. Concrete sealers are the finishing touch of a stamped concrete making the concrete durable and protected by damages caused by water, dirt stains, salts, oil, weather and other materials that can affect the sealer’s elasticity.  


If this is the case then you would need to reseal your concrete stamp. But first, what is a concrete sealer? Let’s try to understand what it’s made of and what it can do to your stamped concrete: 

Concrete sealers are a type of material coating on top of newly stamped concrete. It is used to fill in pore gaps left by dried out concrete as well as protect it from damage that may be caused by moisture and other types of surface damage.  

A wellapplied, highquality sealer will maintain a fabulous classy look on stamped concrete may it be a stamped pool deck, a patio, the garage interlocking with the driveway and walkway, or the flooring of the house itself. Even though it’s showing the aftereffects of wear and tear due to consistent interaction with the sealant, it can easily be restored by cleaning it and reapplying sealer on the stamped or decorative concrete.  


There are two types of sealers for stamped concrete. The first one is called topical sealers which provide the aesthetic shiny look as well as preventing any type of moisture or stains to be absorbed by the concrete. The second one is called the penetrating sealers, with this type, it needs to be matched with the concrete substrate porosity to properly penetrate the concrete which will block the moisture and will not totally change the look and feel of the concrete.  

Sometimes sealers can have an additive for anti-skid materials to prevent it from becoming slippery.  


Concrete sealers of high quality can be bought at any local home renovation or hardware store. And top-notch Stamped Concrete Contractors are guaranteed to use top-notch high-grade sealers for your stamped concrete. Resealing doesn’t need to be done yearly since this is the type of hardscaping that requires minimal maintenance. Usually, you would see if the floor needs resealing. Either it has already discolored or there are already ruptured areas. The most common timeframe for you to reseal is around 3-5 years. 


If the reason why you are reading on sealers is that you’re looking to upgrade your home with Stamped Concrete, in Santa Clara, California there are contractors you can contact for an estimate of the area you want stamped concrete on.  

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